Q & A

Humble Beginnings

I love to meet new people, to get a glimpse at who people are and to be a part of their life. I love to people watch so maybe photography really was a deep seeded passion that I never knew truly existed. So I don’t have a lavish history, or come from a family of artistic beings, I just stumbled across a hobby and fell deeply in love with it.

Why choose Kristina Rice?

I know there are so many amazing and talented photographers out there, some with amazing talent and creativity, so just knowing that you’re on my website and even considering me as your photographer for your wedding or just for yourself, makes me extremely happy and thankful. I always hope that I can be the perfect photographer for every client, but the reality is that I’m not and that’s ok.

I love every aspect of photography, from traditional, to modern, from on the fly lifestyle to a set up in a studio. But the sessions that I thrive on the most are the real moment sessions, those that you find with lifestyle photography or photojournalism. Over the years I’ve found that I operate much more smoothly, I can be as creative as my brain can handle, and the images that result from those types of sessions are my heart and soul. These are the types of sessions that I love and that you will mostly see in my work. If this is how you want to capture your memories, then we’re perfect for each other!

What’s your style?

I love natural light, always. I do have a studio set up and equipment for lighting set up outdoors but when I can shoot outside with the beauty that is in our amazing state, I’m a happy girl! I love late afternoon sun light, shooting into the sun, sun flare, big fields, trees, lush flowers, bold and ancient buildings, and good energy.

What do you shoot with?

Originally a Canon girl, I recently made the switch to Nikon and currently shoot on two Nikon D700 full body cameras.

How long is the entire process?

You know it really can vary from a couple weeks to months depending on the type of session and how early I’m contacted. I’ve had a bride contact me as early as a few weeks (VAIL ELOPEMENT WILL ALWAYS ROCK!) to a mom just a couple days before the requested date. But here is a rough timeline:

  • Booking and planning – couple weeks to months, depending on date of contact and requested session date
  • Session Date (Portraits) – 1-2 hours
  • Image Processing – up to 2 weeks depending on the time of year, during wedding season it may be closer to 3-4 weeks. Weddings generally take between 2-4 weeks but may take 1-2 weeks longer if during peak wedding season.
  • Ordering Session (Portraits) – Once your images are ready, a 1 hour ordering session will be scheduled. During this session you will be able to see your images for the first time with printed or digital proofs! We’ll use this time to select your favorite images, take any special editing requests, answer any questions that you have and submit your order. If there is a scheduling conflict an online proofing gallery will be available for 24 hours.
  • Product delivery – From date of order: up to 2 weeks for prints and digital images,4-6 weeks for custom designs (cards, announcements, etc), and 6-8 weeks for custom albums. I’ll contact you via phone or email as soon as your order is ready for pick up!

Do you provide an online gallery?

Yes! Online galleries are included with all wedding packages for up to 3 months. For portrait sessions, online galleries are available for up to 3 months after your ordering session. During this time your family, friends and even you can order additional products and share images online!

Do you have props?

I’ve found that I prefer more simple set ups. I always encourage clients to bring special items with them as those personal items will have so much more meaning in YOUR images than what I find at a prop shop or thrift store.

Do you offer discounts or coupons?

Sometimes. I do try to offer special promotions, portfolio building sessions, offers and discounts through out the year but I’m pretty strict on the terms. If you’ve scored a coupon, promotion, offer, or any other type of discount to use towards your session, you may only use one at a time (they can not be combined), they’re only good for one use (no duplicates or copies), they hold no monetary value (no cash back) and once they’ve expire, they’re expired (trash them). The best way to make sure you don’t miss out on any special promotion is to join my Facebook Page!

Do you have a minimum purchase order? What about Sales Tax?

Yes. For portraits the standard MPO is $200, unless otherwise advertised or agreed upon. I also charge and collect 8% sales tax on all orders and session fees.

What’s the skinny on Digital Images?

Wedding packages include all wedding day images with an unlimited print release. Portrait session fees do not include digital images however they are available for purchase and will come with an unlimited print release that will allow you to print as many images from your session at your selected print lab.

Do you have any formal training?

Nope. I went to college for my Bachelors of Science degree in Computer Information Systems, worked at a well known government contractor in IT and eventually became burnt out! When I made the decision to turn my hobby into a career and become my own boss I began teaching myself by reading (lots of reading), trial and error on my kids, family and friends, watching videos (lots of videos) and more practicing.

From shooting, composing, finding my style and then processing your images using professional grade software (Lightroom & Photoshop CS5) I’ve taught myself everything that I know and continue to learn every day… Or at least once a week, I do have small children yanno? I’ve also been fortunate to know and meet other professional photographers and have found groups of photographers that provide mentoring, classes, and seminars on not only the FUN part of photography but the BUSINESS side of it!

What’s your weakness?

Sigh, Peanut m&m’s, energy drinks annnnnd Three Musketeers. My memory is also pretty weak so I may repeat myself or follow up with emails/text to keep track. Sorry!

What’s your favorite color

It used to be red, but Alan has brainwashed me.

That’s all I can think of! If you have any other questions, ask me!