Hey there!

I’m Kristina and I love meeting new people, either at networking parties, through photography or just at the grocery store. I love flip flops, shredded jeans, slim tanks and hairspray. I get a craving for salt after 7pm followed by a craving for sweet after 9pm, drives.me.crazy! My favorite nail polish is chipped pink ;)

I couldn’t color coordinate my outfits to save my life, so I stick with the basic colors. This year, I’m going bold and added blue and some sort of dark purple to my collection of tank tops. It’ll be crazy hard but, I’m going to make it happen!

Photography to me is about having fun, enjoying the moment and being who we truly are. That may be goofy, it may be serious, it may be head over heels in love and can’t stop kissing, holding and laughing… maybe even a bit of crying. It may be art or it could be real life, at the end of the day it’s each person’s special moment that I’ve been lucky enough to witness and capture for them.

So if you’re ready to meet this quirky gal, send me a message via my contact page and lets go grab a coffee, beer or maybe take a work out class together and see who has more rhythm – I can guarantee it won’t be me!

Thanks again for strolling through and have an awesome day!
Kristina :)

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